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The GREAT Domain Name That got you here may be available …

for Lease, Joint Venture, Advertising & other Creative & Profitable Formulas. Angel Financing!

"If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy-to-Spell and Brandable Web Address . . . you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on and off the Internet as this century progresses."
~ Rick Schwartz

Summer 2022 Featured Domains:


And, we buy GREAT domains names! A good Domain Name is easy to Remember......A GREAT Domain Name is hard to forget!!"

… Many Millions of dollars invested in meaningful domain names via revenue generated by those domain names since 1995, when few saw the need, the importance, the reason or the value! That Value has been increasing faster than any stock, commodity or land in history. It's digital oceanfront land that's income producing! A portfolio currently valued in excess of $750 Million and rising.

In 1995 I compared and equated "Domain Names" to "Real Estate" and the Direct Navigation Traffic they produce to oil wells. Still do. Oil fuels cars and trucks and Traffic is the fuel of the Internet and websites. I started with a simple premise and very strong belief: "Domains would go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man"

With thousands of domain names still to be developed, they will far outlast my lifetime, I need help and that is an opportunity for you! Partners. Joint Ventures, Long Term Leases and other innovative ideas. And no, they are not cheap. But to be honest, if you think that way, it's not that the price of my domain is too high, it's just that your idea for its use is too small. A marginal domain suggests you are a marginal company.

These domains are expected to produce "Generational Wealth". I look at it as commercial real estate ready to be turned into skyscrapers and the traffic they produce in the form of FREE customers as the golden oil. Land, building, mineral rights. Powerful combination worthy of your understanding. The traffic these domains produced also produced in excess of $25 Million in advertising revenue just by redirecting the traffic to those it is targeted to. It took 23 years to put this portfolio of 6500 domain names together buying one domain name at a time. Many hand registered, many more bought from third parties and public auctions. Everyone had the same chance but did not understand the unique moment in time and just how time sensitive it was and still is.

It is considered one of the most valuable domain name portfolios in the world. A domain name can be very powerful or completely meaningless. My job is to find and partner with folks with big ideas, a proven track record and take a specific domain and find the highest and best use. To unlock the hidden treasures that a great domain name contains. Even Mark Zuckerberg stated in 2009 to Techcrunch "When we were first meeting with Peter we didn't have Facebook.com, we were TheFacebook.com. That's a winner." He started laughing along with the audience. When asked what he would do differently looking back? He doubled down on domains. He said: "I'd get the right domain name. The moral of the story is we could get the domain." Then the natural question is: what would have happened without getting the domain name?


Most Recent 2016-2021 Acquisitions:

  • JawDropping.com
  • Zonked.com
  • Boopy.com
  • HotKey.com
  • Boardroom.com
  • Broadstaff.com
  • RapidPop.com
  • TurboPress.com
  • SiteMonkey.com
  • BoldPrint.com
  • SmartGlasses.com
  • SmartDigest.com
  • FaceFind.com
  • FaceMovie.com
  • KitchenBuilder.com
  • OrganicGourmet.com
  • TravelKing.com
  • HotelandSpa.com
  • GtldDrops.com
  • iCourt.com
  • iFlirt.com
  • JustHelp.com
  • JustNuts.com
  • YouCruise.com
  • CommonSenses.com
  • Benova.com
  • Inverso.com
  • Soozy.com
  • Ulana.com
  • Instacast.com
  • Civex.com
  • WeddingToday.com
  • Ritzville.com
  • PrettyYou.com
  • DailyCode.com
  • DataStrip.com
  • CodeWizards.com
  • PersonalVideos.com
  • Cybersquatter.com
  • Cybersquatters.com
  • Bocahantas.com
  • TileCleaner.com
  • TotalShare.com
  • SinglesGuide.com
  • AssCoin.com
  • SelectCoin.com
  • CryptoLawyer.com
  • BTCattorney.com
  • LibertyMotors.com
  • Deplorable.com
  • Deplorables.com
  • Despicables.com
  • CampaignAdvisor.com
  • NoOneCares.com
  • FakeMedia.com
  • Bocanova.com
  • PhoneMedics.com
  • SkiJacket.com
  • SolarPaint.com
  • LambChops.com
  • BlabberMouths.com
  • NeoCons.com
  • Mindfix.com
  • KingCom.com
  • CustomBot.com
  • Bubee.com
  • Yapee.com
  • FriendSeeker.com
  • Gracias.org
  • Cult.tv
  • HolographicGlasses.com
  • MoveTeam.com
  • Plus 180 more


Currently-Available Domain Name Valuations, Monthly Leases and Unique Business Opportunities. These are "Valuations" as of 11/1/21 and Subject to Change.

  • Property.com
    (SOLD! $36 Million! With 120000 Visitors/year via Type-ins)
  • Properties.com
    (with 750000 Visitors/year via Type-ins)
  • VirtualTours.com
  • Boardroom.com
  • Homemade.com
  • CigarBlog.com
  • Bestodds.com (SOLD)
  • Middleman.com
  • Cheapest.com
  • Stud.com
  • DailyDouble.com
  • TopSecret.com
  • Widgets.com
  • GetTogether.com
  • ServiceDepartment.com
  • ServiceDesk.com
  • FreeMembership.com
  • HotProducts.com
  • Tradeshows.com
  • GoingPlaces.com
  • Unemployed.com
  • Retrain.com
  • Rumormill.com
  • LipService.com
    (My first domain registered in 1995)
  • Delray.com
  • Prop.com
  • eBid.com
  • eTrip.com
  • eMovie.com
  • eGold.com
  • ePolice.com
  • iExport.com
  • iAuction.com
  • iBankOnline.com
  • iHotels.com
  • iMurder.com
  • Banker.com
  • SiteCop.com
  • 1969.com
  • PornFlix.com
  • SXW.com
  • Luv.com
  • Ass.com
    (SOLD!! with 360000 ANNUAL Visitors via Type-ins)
  • Dick.com
  • Horny.com
  • Slut.com
  • Whore.com
  • Voyeur.com
  • xxxvideos.com
    (with 5 Million Visitors/year via Type-ins)
  • Booty.com
  • Bitch.com
  • Queen.com
  • GaySex.com
  • iFlirt.com
  • Bodyrubs.com

*Leasing and Creative Financing available to Qualified Partners. Keep Reading, I'll show you how! Your qualified idea is your passport. Click the menu bar above for a full list of our 1500 available domain names. Then email me directly at DomainKing@gmail.com



I have some of the largest domain sales in history …

Handshake deals and joint ventures

I bought porno.com for $42,000 in 1997 and sold it in 2015 for $8.88 million, cash, which was the fourth-highest reported domain sale in the history of the Internet. It was also the largest single domain transaction that Escrow.com has ever handled.

In the 18 years that I owned the domain name, it earned approximately $15 million, without ever having adult content! I simply sold the traffic to Google, Yahoo via parking or the highest bidder.

In 2003, I made among the very first seven-figure domain name sales when I sold men.com for $1.3 million. It was reported around the world and was featured on CNN, as well as all major news media outlets. It was a big deal, and it was the sale that proved that domains would go up faster in value than any other commodity ever known to mankind. That domain cost me $15,000 but had earned more than $250k in ad revenue during the time I owned it.

In 2008, I sold Candy.com for $3 million, plus a 12.5% equity stake, to a candy company that had been in business for 35 years. They wanted to be the leader in their industry online. Now they are. Google Candy and check the results.

In 2009, I sold Punchbowl.com to MyPunchbowl.com for cash and stock in the company. Punchbowl.com is now a leading and award winning free web-based online invitations service and digital greeting cards site and an exclusive partner with The Disney Company.

In 2004, I sold iReport.com to CNN for $750,000.

In late 2016 I announced another deal for Teem.com, in which there is a cash and an equity component. They Re-Branded from EventBoard.com

Want to see more of my sales?

These kind of deals are regularly documented in domain industry journals and media, including this article in The Domains. The Domain Name has been the difference that propelled each of these companies to be taken much more seriously! It's an invisible dividend that may be priceless!

Furthermore, in the 26 years we have been online, more than 700 million visitors have come to our sites via direct type-ins, and that does not include traffic created from our partnerships.

Does A Domain REALLY Matter?
Peter Coppinger, CEO of Teamwork.com, recounts how he did not originally take domain names seriously. Then he did.

Guess what happened?
eRealEstate.com: Rick's first domain site

eRealEstate.com. This was my first official site on domain names. Most of the thoughts expressed there were written back in the mid to late 1990s. I have only updated certain obvious things.

I have two versions of the same site. The first was written before anyone took domains and online seriously. The second version was a Paris early flash presentation. Enjoy!

Then there is Rick's Blog. I blogged about domain names and their importance for 10 years before the term even became common. This is a collection 1325 posts of all the thoughts I can remember, from day one. You can read the way I think about life and business, about my principles, and about the way I roll – good, bad and ugly.

Those are all my words.

Google Rick Schwartz Domains

Then, if you do a Google search, you'll see the words from others. Search "Rick Schwartz Domains".

I simply saw something that few saw, and I saw it early on. When I saw it, I applied it to the business world. I came up with a collection, a portfolio, an empire of about 6,500 domain names.

Domain names were so important to me, I even financed and produced the industry's first and leading tradeshow for 10 years. We held 28 conventions on four continents, plus multiple shows in New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Silicon Valley, and many other locales.

Many of the domain names I have are category killer domain names. Many earn ad revenue – about $30 million to date for the type-in traffic coming to the domains I own.  And, that is why I've never been anxious to sell my assets, but I am very interested in folks with bigger ideas. I am interested in people who want to accomplish bigger and greater things in life, who think big. I saw a magazine ad about a month ago that read, "If you're going to think, anyway, you may as well think big."

Almost all these domains were registered to give a leg up to any business that wanted a superior location online, with an easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember web address. These are domain names that can take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the greatest advertising, ever, known to mankind! It may be ignored today, but it certainly isn't a small piece of the puzzle. These are domain names that easily pass the radio test. They put wind at the backs of business, making their future business better.

Isn't that better than the wind in your face? My job is to find partners that can extract the "Highest and best use". Think of each domain as little oil wells. I need to partner with folks that understand that and know and understand how to extract the most oil. Most importantly they must have the mental and technical equipment and a record of success or CASH! A great idea can be life changing and I love great ideas. I may be retired, but I am not braindead. The Internet is the biggest oil well ever invented and a domain name is your pipeline. To be clear, every domain listed has a 6 or 7 figure value. Don't waste your time looking for "reasonable". Focus on "Opportunity". I would rather overpay for quality and location than get a bargain on shit.

What's In A Name?
Today, your website is the lifeline of your business. It is more important than any single other asset you and your business can own. It's really where people find the information, and make decisions, about you and your product. The phone line, the chat plugins, SMS and text, email and social media: All of these things go toward supporting your website today, your own sales channel.
EKG On Mac Screen

I have some of the most powerful and important web addresses in the entire world.

They are right here, available to you, right now. I am simply looking to unlock the untapped potential of each domain by partnering up with folks that have brilliant and profitable ideas and have the ability to successfully execute. SIMPLE!

Just remember one thing: The power of a domain name is limitless. It is bigger than the biggest mall; bigger than the biggest factory; bigger than the biggest country. It's as big as your idea.

The following lists are representative of those domains that get the most sales inquiries, although they represent only a sampling of the domains available for partnership.

By reviewing the list of adult domains, you are certifying you are 21 years of age or older.

My domains range from very affordable to those worth hundreds of thousands, to many worth millions. Think about this: What's the cost of the Sears store?


If you have a solid and profitable idea — and you have a record of success on the Internet — I am standing by to discuss.

I have category-killer domains and entire domain categories, including adult names, some of which are not listed. I have virtual reality names; business domain names; automotive; Main Street, medical, education; tips, etc.

I have domains to lease from $500 to $50,000 per month. Equity options are negotiable.

Rick Schwartz, aka "Domain King®"

Ξ for Ξ

In the real world, you expand by adding more locations. Then, for greater coverage, you add more locations. In the online world, you expand by having a great idea and a great and memorable domain name.

Let us cite an example from the real world. Suppose you have 20 locations at urban malls across the state of Florida. A kiosk in one of these malls will cost you about $2,000 per month. That is a kiosk; it is not a storefront! With each location costing rent of $2,000 a month, you are spending $40,000 per month! That is just the rent! That does not include any other expenses that go with it. Online, you just need one great idea and one great location, and you will serve the world.

A kiosk in [a mall] will cost you about $2,000 per month. That is a kiosk; it is not a storefront!

galleria mall kiosks
Kiosks like these, in the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale, cost about $2,000 per month. Notice the traffic? See how the clerks are just sitting around? They cost money, too. So does the inventory in the kiosk, and the electricity, and the phone, and they still have to get a domain.

People want to know when I will sell a domain name of mine. The answer is when it matches the real-world value, because a domain name is worth exponentially more, because your reach is exponentially more.

How many stores does Amazon.com have? How many do they need? Why didn't Sears figure that out 20 years ago, and close up all of their stores?

To be honest with you, if you can't make $100 a day, or $1000 a day, or $100,000 a day, or more, online, don't waste your time with me.

In the real world, you have to pay rent, and you get nothing in return. With my deal, you'll get a domain name at the end of a few years.

You see, if you have a great idea and a great formula to make a lot of money, and it's not just some pipe dream, then I know how to get you into a million-dollar domain name for the far less than the cost of rent for a small, real-world store.

I will take some risk with you, but it has to be a solid idea. You also have to have a record of success. You have to be able to pay rent on the domain, until you own it.

If you are a sophisticated business person, with a record of success, you will see the real opportunity I present.

All I ask you to do is compare the costs of opening up a real-world business, with a storefront, to the costs associated with going online. Then, compare one more thing: Your opportunity for growth!


If you already have success on the Internet, and my domain name can add value to your company and its growth, we should talk. There are a variety of ways to climb this mountain. There are plenty of different formulas that can be used.

I want a stake in YOUR success

Here is just one formula for putting a million dollar domain in YOUR hands, starting at $2,000 per month, with the domain securely held by Escrow.com. You can pay it off, and own it in just eight years, or you can walk away at any time.


 See The 8-Year Formula 


Another formula could be a combination of stock and cash. Depending on your business, your business plan and what's important to you, I can help.

It's really simple folks: If you don't use an easy-to-spell and easy-to-remember .com domain name, you will lose a lot of your efforts and hard work by leaking traffic to various other extensions and competitors, day after day, EVERY DAY, for as long as you are in business.

If your domain name does not pass the radio test, you lose. If you don't know what the radio test is, you have two choices. Either learn about it right now, or you're going to lose.

While some think traffic just falls out of the sky, I can tell you, for a fact, that the traffic associated with a premium domain name is extremely valuable.

Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most powerful, and profitable, advertising there is. If your domain name is not easy to communicate between people, you lose. If you are using a .net extension, 15% of your efforts, or more, are going down the drain, or going to a competitor. I guarantee it! And, I am being kind, because it's more like 25%!

And when you get to the other extensions, the news is even worse. Some are bleeding away as much as 75% of their traffic to a competing extension or to the .com. As high as 75%! Are you willing to take that risk for your efforts? As a businessman, I would never, ever consider doing something foolish like that. You have to do everything to increase your odds of growing your business, and your sales, not doing things that can hurt it.

Location, location, location! The word applies equally online and off-line.

Finally, there are two types of people online - there are two types of business people, that is. There are the business people who have learned to tap into the millions, and billions, of dollars online, and there are those who have not. They all start with the domain name.

The question is, what kind of domain do you want for your million-dollar idea?



Rick Schwartz: The Domain King®

If you have a solid and profitable idea — and you have a record of success on the Internet — I am standing by to discuss.






What's the cost of just one Sears store? Start with the startup cost:

How much did it cost to find a location? Multiple locations? Then, how long did it take them to build the store? How much did they have to pay for permits; how much for all the fixtures and electrical and flooring? How much they have to pay for the hundreds employees to man the shop?

What's the cost of one modest retail store anywhere? Now multiply that by 10 years — 10 years of paying rent to a landlord and receiving little in return. He may even force you to move when your lease is up. Compare that expenditure to a domain name, which is forever!

When people start examining the cost of brick-and-mortar, they begin to understand why a great domain name is so powerful.

What's the cost of that single Sears store? After startup, look at the ongoing costs:

Add everything: Inventory, Lease, Electric, Insurance, Trash removal, Employees, Taxes. Don't forget repairs and shrinkage.

And with that store, the fact is you can draw only from a small radius versus competing around the world. One is open 10 or 12 hours versus 24 hours. And the big one in the real world and online is LOCATION!

Look at Sears now. They Can't Close Doors Fast Enough!

Sears.com, by itself, is more powerful than all their retail outlets, combined! Twenty years ago they still dominated retail. Today, they're struggling for relevancy … and a future.

This is where MY domains come into play.

So stop being penny wise and dollar foolish, and get with the program … if you expect to thrive in this century! Wishing you the best! Rick Schwartz, AKA: DomainKing®